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Ladies Auto Know…What Your Repair Shop Thinks You AUTO Know!

Broken motor mount? Failing catalytic converter? Sounds like you need a mechanic. If you are the type that simply drops off your car and hurries out the door with barely an explanation, it’s time to stop and take a moment. The technicians that are always D4E9578F09234384A1B4D9164D5CA569saving the day for you have a few things they want you to know. From the correct way to translate automobile problems to the relationship you carry with the staff at your automotive repair shop, I’ve compiled a list of what we wish you would do.

1.)  “My car just died” isn’t the most helpful explanation you can provide. 

   While techs are always happy to diagnose you car’s problems, giving them as many details as possible is the key to an efficient repair. Keep these questions in mind when something is going wrong with your vehicle and you are dropping it off for repair. When does the problem occur? Are there any dashboard lights illuminated? Can you describe what the car is doing or not doing when the problem occurs? Is the problem intermittent? Are there any unusual noises, odors or vibrations when the problem occurs? Having the answers to these questions helps us to diagnose the repair faster and more accurately.

2.)  Leave the diagnosing to us.

   Doing the research and coming to the shop with all the details about your car is great. But don’t be so informed that you distrust your mechanic. “Sometimes a little knowledge is dangerous,” says Gus De Ipola, owner of APA Automotive Center in Woodland Hills, CA. “It’s especially frustrating when a customer comes in having incorrectly diagnosed a problem and orders a specific repair. He may be wrong, but he doesn’t want us to argue with him.” I see the guys dealing with this a few times a week here. It’s extremely unfortunate because we may lose good customers simply because they already have their vehicle’s problems figured out and don’t want to hear any of our suggestions. We aren’t out to rip you off, sometimes our solution may be the less expensive route for you.

3.) If you don’t have an appointment, be prepared to wait.

   While minor repairs or safety checks can be done while you wait, it’s always best to have an appointment. This allows us to prepare for your arrival in advance, we can order any parts or supplies we know we will need, and this gives us enough time to do the job properly. If you stop by unexpectedly, you can expect to either leave your vehicle with us or wait a while so that we can work it into our day’s schedule. Your next appointment is merely a click or a phone call away! You can reach our dedicated staff at 972-633-2201 or simply click on the link below!

4.)  Pay attention to those crazy warning lights.

Yes, they are called warning lights for a reason, your car is trying to tell you something check-engine-croppedand if you ignore them you could end up with very costly repairs in the long run. Letting your car deteriorate because you can’t seem to make the time to deal with the problem when it first appears will only make things much more difficult down the road. Preventative maintenance is the key! If you stay on top of your vehicle’s regular maintenance schedule and bring your car in right away when you see a weird light come on, then you can prevent larger repairs down the road!

5.) We like coming in under our estimate!

Think all auto repair shops are out to swindle you? Here at Linear Automotive we strive to give you the best deal possible. We love the expression on our clients’ faces when we come in under our estimate. Not only is it good for you and your bank account, but it means you leave our shop happy and are more apt to come back in the door, tell your friends about us and so on! Also, never expect a very accurate estimate over the phone or online. While our staff will do the very best, we simply cannot gather enough information from you and your vehicle without our technicians physically checking the vehicle over. Any price you are given beforehand, should simply be considered a ballpark number.

6.) Do the homework on your repair shop–it pays off!

   Don’t trust your vehicle repairs to whatever mom and pop shop that first pops up on Google. Look into each company first. Check for credentials, ASE certification, etc. You can tell most about a repair shop’s reputation by the reviews they have online. Look for positive comments, but also note how they respond to negative ones. If they don’t respond to these online reviews, they may not respond to customer concerns in person. Linear Automotive takes pride in what our customers have to say about us. Read our reviews on Yelp.com! They truly speak for themselves!

7.) It’s best to have an exclusive relationship with your auto repair shop.

   Once you have found the repair shop you trust, stick with them. Auto repair is really a relationship-based business. Once you have established a connection with a trustworthy shop, as the mileage builds, so does your history with that shop. They keep imagestrack of service done as well as what needs to be done, and can better recommend the factory scheduled maintenance specific for your vehicle’s needs. Of course, the more familiar a mechanic is with YOUR car, the more likely they will notice when something seems a bit off. All of this helps to prevent major repairs down the line.

8.) Not every shop can accommodate your specific problem

No use in getting aggravated if you bring in your vehicle for repairs only to be told that facility can’t help you. There are repair facilities that only specialize in certain services or only repair certain makes and models. Once again, do your research. Full service shops do exist, but just like doctors, they may refer a specific problem to a “specialist”. When considering a new repair shop, be sure to ask the staff member what types of repairs they typically handle so you aren’t wasting any time out of your hectic day. At Linear Automotive, our technicians handle all makes and models, both foreign and domestic. We also take pride in being a truly FULL SERVICE auto body shop and automotive repair.

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