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Ladies Auto Know…What Does That Light Mean?

Oh…the terrifying, all consuming Check Engine Light. If this nuisance of a CHECKENGINEreminder ever pops up on YOUR dash, please do yourself a big favor and take a deep breath. Relax. I can promise you that your world, and especially your engine, is not about to end.

This is actually a common problem we see here at Linear Automotive. Car manufacturers probably (we hope) meant the “Service Engine Soon” idea to be a simple solution for an increasing number of people who didn’t know very much about cars (particularly us ladies). Usually, the light comes on and your first thought is to take it in to your “friendly dealer” who will solve your impending doom – only to send you on your way with a SIZEABLE bill. Sadly, more often than not these “friendly dealers” also love to take advantage of the women that see these scary lights, immediately brainstorming of problems they can invent so that they may charge accordingly for the repair solutions.

Here at Linear Automotive we have experienced ASE certified technicians. You can always count on our team to provide an accurate analysis with honest and fair answers (and always with a fair price). While sometimes your check engine light can be a simple fix, (i.e. a loose gasFreeEngineDiagnostics cap) there is a chance it may also be something more complex.

                In either case, it’s best to have diagnostics ran now, rather than break down and have it towed in during your carpool afternoon with a  vehicle full of the neighborhood kids!

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