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Ladies Auto Know…Steps to Take After a Car Accident

While you never go looking for an accident, sometimes it may just find you–someone cuts in from out of nowhere, pulls up on your blind side or even bumps you from behind. It happens. If it’s not a serious high speed collision, it may take a second for it to sink in: you’re in an accident. The tips in this blog go over the do’s and do not’s of collision procedure and most importantly: your rights.

1)  Do a spot check:  Move your arms, legs and head slowly. If you check out good, check your passengers. Take a breath and regain your composPicture1ure (checking oncoming traffic too) before you get out of your vehicle.

2)  Keep your cool:  No need to charge at the other vehicle with guns blazing. No matter who’s at fault, check on their safety as well. Having the level head can go a long way in resolving this matter quickly.

3)  Call for help:  Should you need medical and/or police assistance, dial 911

4) Stay Put:  Remember not to move your vehicle. You may be causing traffic, but if you did call the police, he will want your car to stay put so they can make an accurate judgment of the scene. Then they will let you know when it’s safe to move it.

Keep in mind…both parties may think the other is at fault. Remember to keep a cool head while waiting for an investigator to arrive. This would be a good time to inform your friend or husband should you need a ride, or phone a boss or colleague that you will be running late.

If you do need to move your car, do so slowly. If you need a tow truck, I SafariTowingBusinessCardTexas[1]_fullrecommend calling Safari Towing at 972-548-9400. They are experienced and professional and can get your car safely to Linear Automotive, so we can assess the damage from there. They cover Dallas, Plano, Richardson, Allen, McKinney, Frisco, The Colony and surrounding areas.

While the investigator and the towing company is doing their thing, be sure to exchange information with the other driver. Get the name, contact information, driver’s license number, insurance policy info and license plate. You can never be to thorough these days!

Remember to get a copy of the police report!


When the great state of Texas required you to carry Liability Insurance on your vehicle, you were given certain legal rights. THIS IS THE MOTORIST BILL OF RIGHTS:

1. You have the right to choose the facility where your vehicle gets repaired. You do not have to take   your car to the shop with the cheapest estimate or one picked by the   insurance company.
2. You do not have to get three written estimates. If requested, you may supply one estimate from the   shop where you intend to have the repair work done.
3. If you are the   claimant, (you were not at fault), you are entitled to a rental carWhat-to-Do-After-a-Car-Accident-10-Steps-to-Protect-Your-Rights during the time your car is being repaired (up to 30 days). You may ask that the   rental car be brought to your home, work or have them meet you at the shop   when you drop off your vehicle for repair. Furthermore, you may leave the rental car at the shop, when you pick up your repaired vehicle. You should discuss these policies with the various rental car companies.
4. If the repair shop of your choice and the insurance company fail to reach an agreed price, you have   the right to ask for a third opinion or for arbitration. If you are not   satisfied with the way your claim is being handled, contact your insurance   agent. If you do not get reasonable results from your agent, then contact the   State Department of Insurance listed below:

Texas Department of Insurance
  Consumer Protection (111-1A)
  P.O. Box 149091
  Austin, Texas 78714-9091
  512-463-6515 • 800-252-3439
  Or on the World Wide Web at
  Texas Department of Insurance
  Or Email

How much do you know about Insurance Steering?

  Texas Commissioner of Insurance Mike Geeslin issued a warning bulletin to auto insurers, reminding them that it is illegal   under Texas law for auto insurers, reminding them that it is illegal under Texas law for insurers or their agents to directly or indirectly engage in practices that constitute “steering”.

Texas insurance law clearly states that the claimant has the right to select where a motor vehicle is repaired. Another concern addressed in the bulletin is that some insurers may attempt to steer   claimants indirectly by suggesting, either verbally or in writing, that other   reasonable repair costs might not be covered unless claimants use a preferred   repair shop or specific part to make the repairs.

Again, if you have an insurance related complaint contact the TDI at the numbers listed above.

The associates at Linear Automotive are highly trained and experienced when it comes to working with insurance companies. We have top quality, certified mechanics. When you bring your car in to Linear you can have the confidence that your vehicle and your claim will be handled with the utmost professionalism and in a timely manner.

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