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Ladies Auto Know…Keeping the Kiddos Busy on the Road.

        Keeping your kids entertained in the car can be tough, especially if you don’t want them glued to the video games and other electronics the entire trip. Believe it or not, there are actually educational yet FUN activities for them to engage in that don’t put a dent in your wallet. From innovative coloring books, to on-the-go board games, choose one of these activities for your family’s road trip this year.
Backseat Travel Games Tin – $18.99 – Amazon.comBackseat-Travel-Games-Tin-mdn
Can’t decide which game to bring on the road? Pack this travel kit with over seven different games to play. From checkers and bingo, to solitaire and doodle boards, there is something here for every age and interest.
All-American-Car-i-oke-mdnAll American Car-i-oke – $14.65 – Amazon.com
If your kids love to sing and you don’t mind chiming in yourself, invest in karaoke for the car. With three books of lyrics and a CD to sing along to, pop this in and the time is sure to speed by—no stage or microphone required. As cheesy as it may sound, I’m sure the whole family could get into it.
Crayola Color Wonder – $29.99 – Yoyo.comCrayola-Color-Wonder-mdn
For your own little princess, this marker set is ideal for the car because it only allows your child to draw on the special paper, preventing color from staining skin, carpet, clothing, and most importantly: your vehicle’s interior!
Armchair-Puzzlers-Book-of-Logic-Puzzles-mdnArmchair Puzzlers: Book of Logic Puzzles – $4.95 – Amazon.com
Puzzle books are quick and easy to pack, but chocked full of brain games that will keep you or your child busy for hour—guaranteeing a good mental workout.
Scavenger Hunt – $7.18 – Amazon.comScavenger-Hunt-mdn
Every kid loves a good scavenger hunt, but this car version will have the kids looking high and low for objects outside, letting them take in the beautiful scenery while they’re at it!
Best-Travel-Activity-Book-Ever-mdnBest Travel Activity Book Ever – $3.95 – Amazon.com
The reviews are outstanding for this Rand McNally Travel Activity Book and it’s no wonder why. With puzzles, mazes, connect-the dots and color-by-number activities, your youngster won’t even think about that portable DVD player.
Would you Rather? For Kids! – $9.95 – Amazon.comWould-You-Rather-For-Kids!-mdn
To stretch your child’s imagination and have them laughing for hours, invest in this book full of silly questions that can be played alone or in a group. Would you rather sleep next to a bed covered in peanut butter or next to a humidifier full of spit? We’ll let you decide!
Ultimate-Sticker-Puzzles-License-Plates-across-the-States-mdnUltimate Sticker Puzzles: License Plates Across the States – $4.49 – Amazon.com
With mazes, puzzles, word searches, trivia and more, all focusing on each of our 50 states, this collection of games is educational and fun! To play everyone’s favorite license plate competition, the set includes stickers and a map so you can easily track your progress. Have a question for me?

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