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Ladies Auto Know…How to Save at the Pump

Whether you are a woman who knows it all about cars or knows enough to get by, we all can identify that gas puts a strain on our wallet. While you may not pay too much attention to your gas mileage, you will when money spent on gasoline starts to eat into your budget for designer shoes. Some of the tips about saving money at the pump seem to be too much trouble just to save a few pennies – i.e. riding the slipstream (this just sounds dangerous) or turning off the air conditioner (hello frizzy hair!)

Here are a few simple gas saving tips that are easy to remember and can save a few pennies. In this economy, every penny counts when you are trying to keep up with the latest in designer shoes.

Keep tires inflated to the proper level – This one is not that difficult once you learn whatwoman_gas_cash PSI you should use for your specific tires and vehicle. Store a tire pressure gauge in your car. Keeping the tire pressure at the correct level reduces friction to save fuel.

Replace air filters as needed – A dirty air filter results in the engine not getting enough of the air supply needed to run efficiently. You can improve gas mileage by as much as 10% simply by  replacing dirty/clogged air filters at your next oil service.

Combine trips and do not backtrack – Make a list of everything you need to do and plan a route that creates as little backtracking as possible.

Put your car on a diet – I am also guilty of using my car as a second home – – piling in clothes, shoes, books and just about everything else I need to live out of my car for a week. Extra weight uses more gas and costs you more money so clean out your car and dump the extra weight.

Save money at the fuel pump – I love a bargain so this is my favorite way to save money on gasoline. Look for a gas station that offers a reward’s program to save money on each gallon. If you use a credit card, switch to one that offers gas rewards to save money on fuel. Most importantly, do not buy a higher grade of gasoline than you car needs – – check the owner’s manual for the proper grade for your vehicle.

Service your car regularly – A well tuned engine can improve fuel economy by up to 4%, so be sure to follow your car manufacturer’s recommendation (this actually does mean something) for service and have your oil changed. The mechanics here at Linear Automotive are trustworthy and will only perform the maintenance necessary to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

Drive smoothly – Avoid heavy acceleration or heavy breaking. Also, avoid idling. When you idle, it wastes gasoline and your are getting exactly 0 miles to the gallon.

If you follow these tips closely and still feel as if you are being cheated on your gas mileage, bring your vehicle in and let us check it for you. There is a possibility of problems with your engine that need to be assessed.

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