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Ladies Auto Know…Holiday Travel: Flying vs. Driving

Lower Gas Prices Make Driving the Smart Choice

FLYINGVS.DRIVINGWhile the cost of airfare has taken off as of late, the price of gas is surprisingly at a steady decline. This means car travel is the way to go this holiday season. According to a recent Wall Street Journal story, airfares on tickets sold for Thanksgiving week have risen 9.4% compared with 2012, and the average price of airline tickets sold for Christmas week is up 7.3% over last year. On the other hand, this article from CNN Money reports a nearly 20% decrease at the pump nationwide, with a majority charging less than $3 per gallon! As far as the great debate of flying vs. driving, it all boils down to time, convenience and money. Here are just a few pros to hitting the pavement this holiday season

  • Convenience: leave when YOU want, from WHERE you want.
  • Luggage, including wrapped gifts. (This is a major pro for the ladies and mothers out there)
  • Parking fees – Everyone knows airport parking fees are OUTRAGEOUS!
  • T.S.A. Airport security is just absolute chaos, simply put.
  • Better meal options…one can only eat so many peanuts, right?
  • No rental car or taxi expenses, not to mention the comfort of not having to depend on your relatives to run you around everywhere.
  • More legroom and overall comfort, hey…you can stop and stretch whenever you feel the need!
  • No strangers sitting next to you and COUGHING on you!
  • If you are a pet lover such as myself, it’s much more convenient to take your pet on a road trip rather than an airplane.

Christmas Ad for CCSo the obvious choice for most of us when it comes to holiday travel seems to be driving. But before you pack up the car and get going, you’ll want to make sure that you can depend on that car to get you to and from your destination. Be sure and bring your vehicle in to Linear Automotive for any needed repairs, have the oil service done, or just to let us check the vehicle over for your own peace of mind. With our Christmas Special on mechanical rates, now couldn’t be a better time! We’ve slashed the price of labor to $65 per hour! This is a 40% savings, but it ends Christmas day, and slots are filling fast, so make your appointment NOW!

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