Monthly Archives: November 2013

Ladies Auto Know…How to Choose the Right Collision Center

It’s not uncommon for estimates from different body shops to vary wildly. One shop may give you an estimate for $500 while another wants $2000. What’s the difference? Here are some tips for choosing the right shop for you. 1) Pay Attention to Word-of-Mouth Any business can advertise, but you will do better with a […]

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Ladies Auto Know…Should I Replace or Repair My Car?

Whether it’s a battery, fuel pump, new spark plugs or even a transmission repair, that periodic repair is bill is usually just a drop in the bucket compared to monthly payments on a brand new car. When your car is still running efficiently, paid for and needs only the routine maintenance, it is that time […]

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Ladies Auto Know…How to Conquer Car Clutter

You may not be able to control what happens outside your car (hello bad drivers?), but you can control what goes on inside it. Why cause yourself more stress on the road by driving amid empty water bottles, stray CD’s, kids’ toys, food wrappers…and let’s not even mention what’s in the back seat! Read on […]

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Ladies Auto Know…What’s That Smell?

Most vehicles may start out with a wonderful “new car smell,” but there are other odors that drivers definitely shouldn’t ignore. Knowing and identifying these smells early on can help vehicle owners and their technicians to pinpoint maintenance issues early on. “Unusual smells can be the sign of serious, and potentially costly, trouble for you […]

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