Monthly Archives: October 2013

Ladies Auto Know…How to Plan Your Autumn Road Trip in Advance!

Along with the dewy outbreaks and colorful canopies of autumn come the hustle and bustle of back to school, the kickoff of the football season and, of course, the stress of holiday travel. By ensuring that your vehicle’s systems are up to speed and you’ve connected the dots between Points A and B, you don’t […]

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Ladies Auto Know…How to Avoid a Deer Collision

Deer that suddenly appear out of nowhere can often put drivers someplace they don’t want to be. Unlike television ads where a driver swerves wildly around the animal and then speeds off carelessly into the blackness, encountering a deer while on the road can be both dangerous and scary. The likeliness of spotting a deer […]

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Ladies Auto Know…The How-To’s For Fall Car Care

      While your vehicle may (or may not) have cruised right on through summer, cold weather will set in before you even realize the leaves have fallen. It’s important to remember that vehicles need seasonal adjusting. Autumn is a great time for automotive maintenance and repair (Carcare.org has even named October as Fall Car Care […]

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Ladies Auto Know…What Your Repair Shop Thinks You AUTO Know!

Broken motor mount? Failing catalytic converter? Sounds like you need a mechanic. If you are the type that simply drops off your car and hurries out the door with barely an explanation, it’s time to stop and take a moment. The technicians that are always saving the day for you have a few things they […]

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