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Ladies Auto Know…Magnuson, Moss and What They Mean to You.

One subject that pops up frequently around here is the issue of warranties. It’s a common misconception that only car dealers can perform the routine maintenance and repairs on a newer vehicle under warranty. Here’s a news flash: You DON’T have to take your vehicle to the dealer to maintain your warranty. As a consumer, […]

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Ladies Auto Know…How to Cut Car Repair Costs!

Maintain and fix your car for less with these tips…       Of course you would rather spend your hard earned cash on more appealing things, but unfortunately there’s no way around the fact that a large chunk of change goes to repairing and maintaining our vehicles. There are two expenses we really can’t control, such […]

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Ladies Auto Know…How to Save at the Pump

Whether you are a woman who knows it all about cars or knows enough to get by, we all can identify that gas puts a strain on our wallet. While you may not pay too much attention to your gas mileage, you will when money spent on gasoline starts to eat into your budget for […]

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Ladies Auto Know…Steps to Take After a Car Accident

While you never go looking for an accident, sometimes it may just find you–someone cuts in from out of nowhere, pulls up on your blind side or even bumps you from behind. It happens. If it’s not a serious high speed collision, it may take a second for it to sink in: you’re in an […]

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Ladies (And Students) Auto Know…Does Your Car Make the Grade?

In August, it’s easy for college (and high school) students to remember to get new clothes, school supplies and dorm/apartment furniture. What about preparing the car that’s going to haul all that stuff? The Car Care Council reminds students and their parents not to overlook Vehicle Maintenance 101. “Making sure the college-bound vehicle gets a […]

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