Monthly Archives: July 2013

Ladies Auto Know…What Does That Light Mean?

Oh…the terrifying, all consuming Check Engine Light. If this nuisance of a reminder ever pops up on YOUR dash, please do yourself a big favor and take a deep breath. Relax. I can promise you that your world, and especially your engine, is not about to end. This is actually a common problem we see […]

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Ladies Auto Know…Rainy Weather Car Care

A rainy day may be refreshing, but have you ever given thought to how you should take care of your vehicle when a sudden downpour hits? Special care is essential, as a car is more likely to break down during heavy rain and the lifetime of your vehicle is highly dependent upon preventative maintenance. Read […]

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Ladies Auto Know…Is Your Vehicle Ready for Summer?

With economic concerns on most┬ápeople’s minds, the old-fashioned auto vacation is making a comeback, as families are looking for convenience over the expense of air travel to exotic locations. High summer temperatures can be hard on your vehicle, so if you feel anything is out of the norm with your car (or maybe you just […]

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Introducing “What Ladies Auto Know…”

Linear Automotive introduces a new feature specifically for the ladies, from a lady! It our vision to inform and explain to women all aspects of the motor industry so that you can be comfortable bringing your vehicle into our full service automotive center for service repairs and indeed confident enough to help yourselves should you […]

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